About Us

About Visamo Kids Foundation

Providing free education to poor children
coming from underprivileged families
from all over Gujarat

Visamo Kids Foundation (VKF), an Ahmedabad based NGO, works towards providing free education to poor children coming from underprivileged(under poverty line) families from all over Gujarat.

Visamo, a truly sustainable, fresh, vital and dynamic initiative, started off with 18 underprivileged children from the poorest of the poor families from earth quake affected regions of Gujarat. Since its initiation in 2002, soon after the massive earthquake that shook the whole of Gujarat, VKF has focused on working towards empowering lives by facilitating access to quality education and secured environment to the underprivileged children of Gujarat.

Visamo Kids is a brainchild of Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, Chairperson, Karmanya Education Foundation and an edu-preneur, who got the inspiration during the post earthquake relief and rehabilitation work undertaken by Kalorex in 2001. The camp that was set up to provide shelter to the families displaced from their homes during the earthquake, generated a lot of symbiotic relationship of Kalorex with the local community, government, schools, and the local NGOs. “Visamo Kids Foundation” (VKF) took birth in April 2002, to provide for an empowering environment where children can “dare to dream”, “fulfill aspirations” and get basic facilities viz. shelter; food; clothing & education in order to reach up to their desired future.

In the formative stage, Visamo liaised with NGOs operating at grass root levels, to identify kids across the State and with the premium English medium schools for admission of Visamokids. The response was encouraging, with several schools stepping ahead to partner with VKF and offer free quality education. Some of the schools, apart from providing free education, also supported the cost of transport, uniform, books, stationery and even educational tour & picnic. The third important partner was the community at large, comprising of the volunteers, donors, sponsors, well wishers and friends of Visamo. They contributed their time and resources to contribute towards the noble cause. The tripartite form of partnership of Visamo with NGOs, schools and community transformed an institution into an alive organization, throbbing with life, smiles and excitement that paved way to building lives and life stories.

Our Vision

We want each child to be confident of herself /himself and to be able to stand as an equal in the society, with equal number of opportunities in life. We wish to see them as pilots, commandos, CEOs, singers, dancers and be happy with whatever conscious choices they make in life.

Our Mission

Empowering lives through Education that empowers them for a better future.

The Belief

This is based on the belief that through education we are making fundamental changes in the lives and thoughts of these children, with the anticipation that they will in turn upgrade their families and society.

Core Values & Service Promise