Visamo Roof
Give a Roof to a Visamo kid: 
Annual Complete Child Sponsorship- INR 70,000/- per child per annum
Visamo Education
Educate a  Visamo Kid: 
a. INR 2500/- towards educating one child over a month
b. INR 30,000 towards educating one child over a year
Visamo Food
Feed a Visamo Kid:
a. INR 6000/- towards one meal for all kids and residential staff in the home
Visamo Treatment
Donate for Treatment of 1 Visamo Kid:
a. INR 1000/- towards covering costs of Annual Medical Insurance for 1 kid staying at Visamo
Visamo Celebration
Celebrate Special days with kids at Visamo
a. Donate goods/utility items/ raw materials in kitchen (as per the requirement of the kids)
b. Birthday Celebration with kids: You may organize fun parties and celebrate the special day with the kids. To ensure that kids enjoy and remain healthy, we request the donors to choose healthy options and avoid junk food, food made of maida (cakes, biscuits etc.), chocolates, cold drinks etc.
Donors may donate in kind (raw food materials in the kitchen) as per the requirements – to be discussed in advance to avoid duplication of supplies and ensure appropriate utilization of resources.
Visamo Time
Donate your TIME to Visamo

i. Get enrolled as a volunteer
ii. Join the Mentorship Programme