Give a Roof to a Visamo kid: 
a.  INR 250/- per child per day
b.  INR 2500/- for 10 kids per day
c.  INR 5000 per child  per month
Educate a  Visamo Kid: 
a. INR 2500/- towards educating one child over a month
b. INR 30,000 towards educating one child over a year
Feed a Visamo Kid:
a. INR 6000/- towards one meal for all kids and residential staff in the home
Donate for Treatment of 1 Visamo Kid:
a. INR 1000/- towards covering costs of Annual Medical Insurance for 1 kid staying at Visamo
Celebrate Special days with kids at Visamo

a. Donate goods/utility items/ raw materials in kitchen (as per the requirement of the kids)
b. Celebration of child’s birthday at Visamo: cake cutting and snacks distribution to kids- currently as per the CORONA guidelines, we are avoiding gatherings and celebrations at the home. Donors may donate in kind (raw food materials in the kitchen) as per the requirements -– to be discussed in advance to avoid duplication of things and ensure appropriate utilization of resources
Donate your TIME to Visamo