Kids Zone

A collaborative project of Visamo with NID

Working towards holistic development through mutual evaluation and cross learning among the Visamo Kids and NID students of VII sem- Graphic Design course. Six different small groups were created consisting of an equal mix of NID students and Visamo Kids.  These small groups worked on six different themes, namely …
a. Hand printed tees
b. Making best out of waste materials (making of lamp shades)
c. Use of paper mache to prepare signages at Visamo)
d. Preparing a short documentary on Visamo routine activities
e. Preparing a Visamo anthem
f.  Learning film making in NID studio
This was a unique project bringing in lots of fun and learning for Visamokids.

Sangeet Sandhya

To pay a musical tribute to Kavi Guru Rabindra Nath tagore, the first noble laureate of India, a “Sangeet Sandhya” was organized on 30 April 2015 at Visamo.  Ms. Shilpi Kapadia, Sangeet Visharad, associated as a volunteer with Visamo with Visamo for over 6 years, teaching Hindustani Vocal Classical music to Visamo kids, directed the song recital presented during the Sangeet Sandhya. Shri A.D Mehta, associated with Visamo over the last two years for extra-curricular activities for Visamokids (Teaching Chess and Keyboard and organizing competitions of Quiz, Hindi Bhasha etc.) also prepared the kids for displaying their keyboard recital skills. Recital of Kavi Guru’s poems and performance of Rabindra Nrutya by girls on Bangla song “Aaj Dhaaner Khete Roadh Uthechhe”, also added to the charm of the evening.

Physical fitness visamo

Be Fit

“Self defense is the best offence”. Sneh Shilp Foundation volunteers to train kids to improve their physical fitness and self defense.  The classes are every alternate day for an hour from 6 to 7 PM.

Exhibition at Amdabad na gufa

Art Exhibition

To capture the creative imagination of the children and strengthen the outreach of the organization, an art exhibition, OJAS, was held at Amdavad Ni Gufa, wherein, 24 kids of the shelter home contributed 96 paintings (water and oil based colours).  

Kids at JNU Delhi

Trips and exposure visits of children

Travel has the potential to create a new narrative that teaches children about how to live and coexist with each other. The children are participating as delegates at the International Conference of SPICMACAY at JNU, Delhi.

AMA Library visit

Library visit at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)

Taking children to the library at a young age helps them learn what resources are offered there long before they’ll need them.