One to One sessions: Teaching of Math, English, Physics, and other subjects to kids studying in primary, middle school or to the senior students at Visamo studying in IX-XII (Science, Arts and Commerce subjects)

a. Skill building trainings/workshops
b. Self defence training for kids and care taking staff
c. Communication training to kids and staff
d. Conducting Quiz programmes (GK/Math/Eng…)
e. Organizing training for kids in Singing/Dance/choreography/instrumental music/Chess playing/Indoor games
f.  Organizing Drama/nukkad natak/theater workshops with V-kids
g. Organizing Grooming/Personality Development workshops
h. Screening movies for kids
i.  Inculcating hobby ideas in the young ones
j.  Conducting story telling sessions with the younger kids
k. Undertaking educational – cum – fun games that have an educational intent/learning outcome
l.  Undertaking Art/Craft/pottery/stitching/sewing cooking classes for kids
The list is flexible, based on the hobbies, skills and interest taken by the volunteers.
1. Volunteers with IT skills may help us in management and maintenance of a software for data management of kids at Visamo, to track the student’s progress vis-a-vis their sponsorship status/donor profile, data entry, documentation (writing case studies, create human stories, undertake home visits to parental homes of kids, help in admission processes/Filing work)
2. Volunteers may extend their support in fund raising activities (meeting company heads/doing presentations on behalf of Visamo to attract CSR/ innovating fund raising campaigns donor management/organizing campus walks/ liasioning/corresponding/Thanks giving get to gathers/organizing sale of artefacts prepared by the kids/skills transfer to kids to prepare gift items for Pre-diwali sale ….)
3. Youth volunteers to support in projects like “Donate to Educate” and “Pasti se Pustak”
1. A letter of intent from the Placement cell/authorities of the institute with details of students (enrollment number/stream of studies) to be emailed to admin.visamo@kalorex.org
2.Interested students to submit their updated CVs, with details about their areas of interest/hobbies, and so on.
Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person assists select Visamo kids in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance their academic and personal development and prepare them for life after XII- after they step out of the shelter home. It is part of the “Bridge Out” programme of VKF. The mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and
involves both parties meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development. A mentor does not need to know, or to provide all the answers; instead the mentor encourages the mentee to use their available resources to identify solutions.
Objectives of Mentoring @ VKF:
a. The outgoing student of VKF is ensured of social – emotional support to help him/her sustain the phase of stepping out the institutional care
b. To provide the students with emotional infrastructure that prepares them to embrace higher education and cope with newer challenges in life outside VKF
c. To provide students with role models.
d. To ensure that the investment made in the student so far by the foundation is optimized.
a. Connect us with potential donors  
i. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Introduce us to companies who are interested / looking forward to initiate activities under CSR with organizations like ours.
ii. Invite companies to visit the shelter home and interact with students/team here
b. Connect us with potential contributors
i. Family members/friends/colleagues, who are passionate to get involved with social causes as volunteers
ii. Creative writers/ content writers who want to volunteer at the shelter home to help us document more creatively, help us write our Annual Reports, quarterly magazines, others
iii. Photographers who would like to capture the cause addressed, through their lens, make photo stories, videos , documentaries
iv. Graphic designers- to help us improve our outreach materials- for social marketing
v. Fund raisers- to support us through online or physical crowd funding
vi. Young enthusiasts who would help us in digital marketing strategies
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